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The 2nd Annual Moet Moment Film Festival

Hello everyone, 01/04 For the first outing of the year, Gina Rodriguez attends The 2nd Annual Moet Moment Film Festival at Doheny Room Restaurant in West Hollywood. We see her arrived at the restaurant where she answered the photographers (see video below) and then after posing on the red carpet, she was photographed in the inside making a speech and posing with Bryce Dallas Howard, Olivia Culpo and Elisabeth Sereda. Gina is superb, all cute in this beautiful black outfit, and freshly back from this holiday in Thailand, it feels good to see her again ! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.
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Last Jane The Virgin Screencaptures

You can now find in the gallery, all the last screencaptures of the last episodes of season 3 of Jane The Virgin ! As a reminder, season 3 offered a Christmas holiday and starts again on January 23rd on The CW. + HQ Screencaps are available in the gallery.
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Two photoshoot for Buzzfeed & Coveteur

Hello everyone, We have 2 new photoshoots from Gina, one for Buzzfeed which was made earlier in November and for which you can discover the full interview (link) and the other for the site The Coveteur whose interview is Also available (link). All these photoshoot have a direct relationship with the ‘1st Marie Claire Young Women’s Honors’. Two superb photoshoot whose first with her dog Casper that is adorably cute ! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.
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Marie Claire January 2017

Hello everyone, The end of the year well deserved Gina is in the cover of the magazine Marie Claire USA of the month of January 2017. A cover that seems logical before the 1st Marie Claire Young Women’s Honors And the presenter ! With this cover, a new and beautiful photoshoot by Jan Welters. A nice shoot to conclude the year! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.