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Create & Cultivate x Fossil Pop-Up

Hello everyone, on March 11th, Also in Austin for the SXSW festival, Gina participated in the Create & Cultivate x Fossil Pop-Up panel to talk about her life, her production and her growing career. We have some photos difussed by Create & Cultivate and the interview was fully filmed and put live on Periscope (so unfortunately we can not put it on the site) Discover some passages of the interview below !

PRINCIPAL INFORMATION : Gina to let it leak that ‘Jane The Virgin’ was going to be renewed for a 5th season and that this one would be the last one ! She quickly resumed saying ‘Oh no! I do not know !’ so deal to follow !

As the keynote at the Fossil Pop-Up, Gina’s passion for female empowerment was contagious. When speaking on the success of Jane the Virgin, Gina mentioned, “What is so amazing about Jane the Virgin isn’t JUST that Jane is a Latina, but she’s a woman.” Growing up, Gina noticed the lack of representation in the media and looked at it as an open opportunity to show what she can do in the industry. Reflecting on the success of the recent box office hit, Black Panther, she said moments of representation so powerful like this, prove that you can never tell us that we are not profitable. You can never tell us that people do not what “You can never tell us that we are not profitable. You can never tell us that people do not want to see our stories.”   source :
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SXSW film festival in Austin

Hello everyone, 03/11 We find Gina in Texas, in Austin, where she went to the ‘Seed’ Documentary Film Premiere at Violet Crown. She also made the presentation in the room of this documentary, a new documentary about 3 startup at AngelHack’s Silicon Valley Week. On the black carpet she talked about the brand ‘Naja’ which she was muse in 2016 and who at the time was also a new startup ! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.
+ The next day, still at the SXSW festival, Gina was at the ‘Hacking the Script: Disrupt Diversity in Hollywood’ panel, where she talked about the representation of Latinos and diversity in Hollywood. A subject in which Gina is totally committed for a long time ! Unfortunately no official photo of this panel, we simply have fan pictures that you can see below.