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HFPA and InStyle’s Celebration !

Hello everyone, 11/10 First event of the month (and also went out), Gina was present at the HFPA and InStyle’s Celebration of the Golden Globe Awards Season in Los Angeles. Gina was sublime in her dress Hervé Leger and it is all smiling we see her pose in the inside with the actress Emma Stone !+ HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.
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Hispanic Achievements in Television.

Hello everyone, 10/24 Our lovely Gina went to Hollywood Tribute to Hispanic Achievements in Television at the Paley Center of Media in Los Angeles. A ceremony that honors the many Hispanic who have a career. Gina to put on the red carpet with Eva Longoria (remember they became close while shooting JTV) then the inside is found with his near friend, Wilmer Valderrama and her co-stars JTV, Jaime Camil. The actress Andrea Navedo was also present, unfortunately no pictures of them! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.