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Gina’s Clothes For a Good Cause

In honor of National Women’s Day (March 08), the Jane the Virgin star has partnered with ThredUp to sell her old clothing and give all proceeds to Girls Inc. And she’s not the only one contributing to the cause. In addition to Rodriguez, the online consignment shop has teamed up with 29 other women with amazing closets, like Lauren Bushnell, Aspen Ovard and more, for their Shop Her Closet: 30 Best Dressed initiative.

“Right now I’m preparing to wrap up season 4 of Jane the Virgin, and clearing some space in my closet and my head for what’s coming up next,” Rodriguez tells PeopleStyle of her decision to sell her clothing through ThredUp. “I am passionate about supporting young women, so it means a lot to me that the clothing I’m selling will support Girls Inc.”

The organization, which aims to help the next generation of women thrive, works to empower young women to be their best, strongest selves. And for Rodriguez, the pieces in her closet are one way she herself feels empowered.“Clothes are one way we can express ourselves and anything that aides in that self-expression makes the world a more open and honest place to be!”

At the moment, Rodriguez is obsessed with one piece in particular that makes her feel like her most powerful self. “I have a faux fur leopard print jacket that has me living my best life,” she says, adding that there are a few pieces she’s stolen from Jane’s closet as well. “Summer dresses, overalls, and jeans that fit like a glove!” And looking back through the years, Rodriguez says her clothes have empowered her to transform as a person, as well. “I regret nothing,” Rodriguez says. “I am always growing so why regret what I’ve done in the past when it’s made me who I am today?”

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Gina also promoted this project on her Instagram/twitter account with the photo above. To buy the clothes that Gina has put on sale for this project, go to (Unfortunately for us, and luckily for the Girls Inc, most of the clothes are already sold out or unavailable in the countries.)

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