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Gina on ‘The Talk’ season 8

For the promotion of ‘Jane The Virgin’ and her upcoming film ‘Annihilation’, Gina stopped on the talk show ‘The Talk’ set to discuss things like filming Annihilation that was liberating for her and that working without makeup was a real challenge ! And also to return to the filming of ‘Jane The Virgin’ that Gina produced for the episode 4×10 where a passage of the episode takes place on the set of The Talk ! (Unfortunately we don’t have real online video sharing of the show, since CBS closes everything to the public but for those who are registered in the chain you can find the interview here)

Edit: I find the video of the interview on Youtube but in poor quality and it will surely be deleted in a short time so I put it to you for those who want to see – Gina appears after 35:55.